Top 5 Favorite Mother’s Day looks!

May is the month that finally makes us recognize that Spring is all around us. With March shaking off its cold front from winter and April with its rainy days, the flowers are blooming in May and everything just feels right! May is one of our favorite months because of the special holiday that it holds, Mother’s Day! Here at HER Empire we like to celebrate this holiday with a lot of enthusiasm not only because our owner is a mother herself but because mothers everywhere deserve all the praise and acknowledgement as they work for us every single day. The way we like to show our appreciation is through fashion! Here are our Top 5 Favorite Mother’s Day looks!

Beatrice Maxi Dress

The Beatrice Maxi Dress is one of our best sellers. From its whimsical ruffles to the adjustable belt, the Beatrice Maxi is truly perfect for any occasion. What makes this dress great for Mother’s Day is how playful and youthful it is. Whether as a mother or as a daughter, this dress is made to boost your confidence as it is flattering on any shape and age. The Beatrice Maxi also had a daring open leg slit just to add some flare! 

Kendra Midi Dress

Next on our list is our Kendra Midi Dress. This midi dress is made of some of the softest material and has the cutest shade of light pink. The Kendra Midi Dress has a light floral pattern that is not overwhelming to the eye along with adjustable strings tie straps. This is one of our favorite dresses because of how casual it can be. You can wear this dress for everyday activities while also being able to wear it for a day out on the town! This is another dress that is perfect for any occasion and the confidence you feel in this dress will never change.

Jordan Two-Piece Bolero Blazer Set

This pick was made with all of the mother’s in mind. This Blazer and Vest combo is such a timeless piece. The Jordan Two-Piece Bolero Blazer Set has a one button vest that gives you a gorgeous silhouette paired with a cropped blazer. You won’t find another piece that screams business casual. While it’s stylish and fun, this piece still lets everyone know that you are still the boss in charge!

Gigi Maxi Dress

The Gigi Maxi Dress is another white maxi that we love! This floor length dress is filled with mini rosettes which is perfect for this Spring holiday. It’s sleeveless design leaves room for the halterneck crossed straps to really shine on this piece. This can easily be paired with a denim jacket to fight off any breeze there may be and add another layer to your style. 

Kaia Abstract Peplum Floral Romper


Last but not least, our selection includes a stunning blue and pink piece. The Kaia Abstract Peplum Floral Romper is so eccentric and has such a youthful spirit that we could not not include it. This is another one of those pieces that is made for any and everybody. When you and your mother both get into our Kaia Abstract Peplum Floral Romper it’ll be hard to spot the difference. With its crisscross back and comfortable shorts, you can take this romper from day right into night.

We have endless outfit choices at HER Empire so don’t limit yourself to just these options. Every piece we have was hand picked with mother’s in mind to make sure that they feel amazing about themselves and their style. We are here to help you to another tack off of your list as a mother. We are here for you always, Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mothers!

Love, the HER Empire Team xxx

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