6 Australian Instagram Fashion Influencers on our Radar right now!

The world of fashion is filled with details, colour and styles that are HER Empire at heart. We’re looking to our homegrown top Australian fashion influencers for the current season and LOVING their style inspo. You can check out our similar new arrivals here.


The ever so gorgeous Tash Oakley Is serving up some serious beautiful white, lace vibes. White mixed with lace is literally perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspo for any of your upcoming bridal events, birthdays or any special occasions, white lace is the perfect combo. 

You can shop our similar looks with our Bella and Destined For You in White Dresses!

Tash is the ultimate modern boho babe; mixing subtle hints of the essence of our bohemian style, with contemporary, edgy trends. 

tashoakley white lace dress tashoakley white lace dress 2 

tashoakley white lace dress 3



Maxine… what a vibe! A whole explosion of colour and vibrance through outfits. The serious style inspo pushes us all to want to wear the bold, beautiful prints and colours! 

She is one of the top fashion influencers in Australia right now! And we can surely see why. 

Looking at her outfits just brightens your mood instantly! It’s a breath of fresh air from this Melbourne based fashion influencer. 

You can shop Maxine’s pastel vibes from our collection here as well as the gorgeous pink dress inspo too!

maxinewylde floral  maxinewylde floral 2
maxinewylde pink dress maxinewylde pink dress 2


The ultimate relaxed, chic vibes come from this beautiful Australian fashion influencer. Showing us perfect off-duty style, with a free-spirted undertone. 

We certainly feel relaxed just looking at her feed!

The beautiful little floral dress she’s pictured in is perfect to dress up or down for any occasion. You can shop our own floral edit  for a similar look from this fashion Instagram influencer. 

Adriana also shot with us when we first launched our beautiful Bella Dress, you can see her looking stunning as ever in our unique design here.

adrianamaria floral dress  adrianamaria floral dress 2
adrianamaria white laced dress


The style gods have blessed us with the ultimate trendy, chic fashion influencer. Pia’s style reminds us of boss babe from New York being mixed with a coastal Australian vibe. 

She is fun, flirty, filled with white lace and florals. Which is EVERYTHING we will always be obsessed with!

See our beautiful floral options here, to get outfit inspo from Pia!

Her little white dresses is like something out of a dream. We absolutely have you babes covered on this front!

pia floral dress pia floral dress 2
pia white dress  pia white dress 2


If we could put our daydreams into an Instagram feed, it would look exactly like this Australian Fashion Influencers feed. 
The beautiful mix between soft, girly pastel colours and bright bold florals is absolutely where it’s at. 
Tara is totally trending in the Instagram influencer world right now, and we are so in love!
You can get Tara’s floral look here as well as her beautiful soft colours too.

taramilktea dress  taramilktea dress 2


taramilktea dress taramilktea dress 5 taramilktea dress 4



The neutrals, the colours, the florals, Jessie is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. We look to this up and coming Australian Instagram fashion influencers account for all of our day to day style inspo. 
She is super cute and super sophisticated. 
Her floral inspo is incredible, how she mixes neutral, everyday pieces with the bold prints. You can shop her look here.
The white, lace look is gorgeous for any of your special events. Shop our similar Bella Dress here.

jessiekhoo dress 3  jessiekhoo dress 4
jessiekhoo dress jessiekhoo dress 2

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