Garden Party Looks

As the scent of lush greenery and flowers sway gently in the breeze, there's a certain allure to garden parties that calls for attire both chic and relaxed. With the sun casting its warm embrace and the air alive with the chatter of friends, finding the perfect dress becomes an essential part of the garden party experience. Look no further than HER Empire for the ultimate looks for your upcoming garden gathering. From charming minis to playful rompers, discover our top picks to ensure you're dressed to impress for your next garden party.

  1. Misa Maxi Dress

Starting off strong with our classy Misa Maxi Dress. This lovely baby blue dress has a halter neck strap with a soft V-neckline. This dress has an open back and open shoulders so you can feel the cool summer breeze. This lightweight material makes it easy to move in and the length of the maxi dress makes you feel as if you’re swaying as one with the flowers. We think this is a wonderful choice for a Garden Party. 


2. Sage Eyelet Halter Maxi Dress


The Sage Eyelet Halter Maxi Dress features a stunning green hue and a delicate floral lace design, making it a perfect dress for a garden party. Its elegant open-back style is complemented by adjustable drawstring ties for a flawless fit. This dress will flatter your figure and leave you feeling confident and chic.


3. Sana Strapless Belted Romper

Continuing with our florals, our Sana Strapless Belted Romper. This is such a fun twist to your Garden Party outfit. This O straplessr romper is covered in cute little delicate blue flowers and has a belt for you to adjust to your liking. Its functioning pockets are perfect to hold your lip gloss, phone, and any other small essentials that you may need to keep your hands free to hold more flowers!


4. Kaia Abstract Peplum Floral Romper

Next up is our Kaia Abstract Peplum Floral Romper. This romper is the perfect blend of pink and blue making it a lovely choice for not only a Garden Party, but any summer event. This romper has a gentle peplum lining just above the waistline adding dimension to your outfit. The straps to this romper leave a crossing effect on the back so be mindful of the possible tan this might leave. If you aren’t a fan of the crossing detail, you can always readjust the straps for your classic spaghetti strap detail.


5. Callie Layered Halter Mini Dress

We couldn’t end this list with a mini dress of course! If you couldn’t tell, we love a good halter neck dress. This particular halter dress leaves room for you to try different necklines if you shall wish. The Callie Layered Halter Mini Dress can be tied straight back or if you’re feeling creative, you can cross the straps to create a keyhole neckline. The layering to this dress gives it’s personality while the pink color allows you to stand out without being a sore thumb. However you decide to wear this dress, we know you’ll look stunning.

As the sun sets on our garden party fashion journey, remember: whether you're opting for the chic simplicity of a romper, the flirtatious charm of a mini dress, or the elegant grace of a maxi dress, let your outfit bloom as beautifully as the flowers around you. At HER Empire, our mission is to make sure all of our lovely customers and friends feel as pretty as a rose. Let’s carry the spirit of elegance, playfulness, and charm with us as we continue to let our style bloom and flourish like the gardens we adore.

Love, the HER Empire Team xxx

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