New Year New Me: 5 of our Favorite Workout Outfits

Every year people make the resolution to get back into the gym and to exercise more to better their health. We know how hard it can be staying committed to new resolutions but we are here to help inspire you to stay true to them! We have different workout outfits lined up for you to choose your favorites from that will make you stand on your commitment to yourself. 

  1. Ruby Bodysuit 


Our Ruby Bodysuit is perfect for when you need full coverage, comfort and support. The fabric on this particular bodysuit was designed to fit the shape of your body. Not only are the straps giving you structure but there is a built in bra component with removable pads depending on your preference. This bodysuit is ideal for any low to moderate activity and can also be stylish for your everyday wear. 

  1. Nalani Leggings and Lotus bra


Next, we have your classic leggings and sports bra combo. The Nalani leggings are high waisted and made of super smooth material. These leggings will become your favorite pair of leggings to not only workout in, but also to lounge around on your off-days or for running to the store. Complete this gym set with our Lotus Bra in Mocha Brown. The Lotus Bra has a similar style to a tank top meaning you’ll have more coverage than the average sports bra. While the design is ribbed, the hemming of the top is soft which will have a comfortable fit for your workouts. Nalani Leggings come in brown and black.

  1. Indie Skirt and Yara Bra


Another gym pairing that you are going to absolutely love is our Indie Skirt and Yara Bra. Our tennis-inspired style Indie Skirt will be your favorite on-the-go with its built in biker shorts (with pockets) and made with the smoothest fabric. It’s lightweight and breathable and won’t make too much of a hassle. The Yara Bra is your classic sports bra with a racerback, an elastic band, and removable pads to adjust your comfort. This pairing will make you feel great and confident! Indie Skirt comes in brown and black.

  1. Hazel Set


For those who are looking for something a little looser, we have our Hazel Set. This lovely pink set was sent from the gym gods themselves. The Hazel Biker Shorts are made 100% of the softest cotton. Our Hazel top is an oversized t-shirt with a deep V-neckline. This t-shirt can also be worn off-the-shoulder for a versatile look. This washed styled set will make you look effortlessly comfortable and sporty all at the same time.  

  1. Elane sweatpants and peyton top

Last but not least, this look is for those who want to look like they’ve gone to the gym but haven’t actually been to the gym. Our Peyton Crop Top is our play on the classic white crew neck crop top. Not only could you wear this (or not wear this) to the gym, but you can also add this to your everyday style! Our Elane Sweatpants will be a unique add to your sweatpants collection. These sweatpants have a notable side zip that goes all the way up the leg. Use it for style or open it on a hot day to help cool yourself down. This outfit is also good for an outdoor walk for your daily workout. Either way, you can’t max out your style!

From sweats to shorts, skirts to sports bras, HER Empire has you prepared for the new active you. No matter if you actually make it to the gym or not, we would like to remind you that you are beautiful no matter how you look, what you wear, or who you are. All that matters is to feel and be confident in your own skin. So cheers to the New Year and to the new you that you will become!

Love, the HER Empire Team xxx


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