Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Bundles

Holiday shopping is always stressful. Here is this season’s HER Empire Holiday Gift Guide! In this gift guide, we will provide you an array of sets, tops, bottoms, and more! Our Holiday Bundles have been curated with our best sellers and hottest pieces. Here are 5 of our favorite bundles of the bunch! 

1.The Statement Maker

The Statement Maker bundle set contains our Stevie Set, Interlinked Hoop Drop Earrings, and Ausha Evening Bag. The Stevie Set is a two-piece tube top and midi skirt. The material of the set is thick and lined for maximum comfort. The top is strapless while the midi skirt has a middle slip as well as a pretty bow to match the holiday spirit! The accessories that we have paired with this lovely set are the interlinked hoop drop earrings in either gold or silver and our diamond studded Ausha evening clutch bag! 

2.The Jetsetter

Looking to travel in the new year?  With the most cozy traveling clothes and super handy carry-on bag, the Jetsetter bundle is perfect for you! In our Jetsetter bundle, we have our classic round neck Peyton Cropped Crew Neck Top and our Elane Sweatpants. The Elane Sweatpants have a functional side zip that goes all the way up the leg making them a versatile asset to have while traveling. Another amazing asset to have while traveling is our Sari Quilted Crossbody Bag. This bag can carry your laptop, all your chargers and cords, personal items, and so much more! Flying is style has never been easier with this bundle!

3.The Bride to Be

We are calling all 2024 Brides! Trust us, we know how expensive weddings can be, especially when you’re throwing it. Save some money on your next Bridal party event by getting our Bride to Be Bundle! This bundle includes our beautiful white strapless Gianna Maxi Dress. This silky one piece has an open back and is bundled with our pearl studded Jackie bag and Pearl Twin Heart Hoop Earrings. With this set, you’ll look exquisite while celebrating your special love!


4. Fitness Lover

We heard one of your new year resolutions was getting back to the gym and what better way to do that than getting a new gym fit? Personally, wearing a coordinated workout outfit inspires us to get into the gym and we have the perfect outfit just for you. Our Fitness Lover Bundle includes Nalani Leggings that are the most comfortable and secure-feeling workout leggings ever! Not only that, but our Lotus Sports Bra is also secure and supportive no matter the activity. Not feeling leggings that day? Don’t worry, we also have our tennis-style-inspired Indie Skirt! It’s lightweight and breathable and comes with built-in shorts that have pockets! Throw all of your gym belongings into the Sari Quilted Crossbody Bag and you’ll be ready to go!


5. Fashion Lover

When the new year arrives you always hear the slogan, “New Year, New Me”. We’re not saying you can’t be a new you, but we can help you achieve that goal! It’s never too late or too early to elevate your wardrobe, but the first step to any of this is to boost your confidence. Feel your best in our Fashion Lover Bundle. This Bundle includes our Vicki Tuxedo Vest and Trousers, Teardrop Earrings, and Dallas bag! This particular bundle is so versatile. It’s professional enough to be able to wear it to work or even dress up for a dinner date with friends! The Dallas bag is the perfect handbag to add to your repertoire as it’s small and handy, while our Teardrop earrings are timeless! The New You has never looked better!

These are only a few of our Holiday bundles. We have bundles if you’re a homebody or a party girl, and many more! These bundles were personally hand-picked by our HER Empire Team and made with love for you for the holiday season! We hope this Holiday Gift Guide has helped you in any way and has generated some gift ideas for you! We wish you the happiest of holidays!

Love, the HER Empire Team xxx

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